Who Wears the Pants….

Hubs and I have been entangled in a heated argument, for about 2 weeks now. It’s one of those disagreements that I can honestly say, I see no end to and neither of our stubborn asses are going to give, on this one… It all began so innocently…

Pants Picture1
Pants Picture2
Yes, that’s correct.  We have been fighting over what the correct terminology would be, for his… pants.  This has been going on for WEEKS! I can’t even make this shit up…
Pants Picture3Pants Picture4


  • http://asvinnycsit.blogspot.com/ Vinny C

    Now I’m confused. You mean they’re not pants if they don’t reach the ankles? MY WHOLE LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE!!!

  • Megan Lewellyn

    I always thought it had to do with the fabric…?

  • ElGuapo

    May all your disagreements be as entertaining (for us)! ;)