Someone who has been the victim of a car accident often may not know what rights he or she is entitled to immediately after the crash. In fact, the victim may unwittingly give up his or her right to legal action if that person acts without proper legal counsel to advise him or her. Even if the crash seems relatively minor, a victim should always retain an attorney to make sure his or her legal rights are protected. With guidance from professionals like a Virginia auto accident attorney , the victim can pursue legal action in court if necessary and claim the rights to which he or she is entitled.

In the first few days after an accident, victims are typically pressured by insurance agents into settling their cases and signing away their rights. The agents want to protect their employers without having to pay out a lot of money. Many victims are unaware that when they take a settlement or sign certain documents presented by an agent that they are relinquishing their rights to file legal action against the responsible party and his or her insurance company at a later date. With an attorney to provide proper guidance, however, victims can make sure that they keep their rights intact and reserve the option to pursue a case later if needed.

Pursuing a case could be the only way that they can recoup money that is rightfully owed to them, in fact. When they are hurt and cannot return to work, people may have no other way to bring money into their homes without taking the responsible party to court. Their attorney can make sure the person responsible for the accident pays for their lost wages and also covers any medical expenses that result from the accident. Along with medical expenses, the person who caused the wreck also can be held liable for any expenses that come from the victim’s car being repaired or property being replaced. These costs in most cases do not belong to the victim. Rather, the person who causes the wreck has the obligation to pay for the damage that he or she caused.

With an attorney by their side, people who are victimized by a wreck can get the proper counsel and insight they need to move forward with their post-accident recoveries. They can take action in court and protect their rights by relying on their attorney.