Me like Boobies!

Hubs and I are blessed with 3 boys.  The youngest of our crew is Dickie, age 6.

It was noticed a few years back that Dickie’s speech wasn’t quite up there with the other kids his age.  Shit, who am I kidding… he was about 3 with the vocabulary of a 1-year-old. He knew maybe 7-12 words, at that time, which he used on a somewhat regular basis.

Dickie was our baby, the youngest of the house…and we had decided… our last.  Everything he did, in our eyes, was perfect.                                       

Until then, his communication issues has somehow gone unnoticed by us.

In the years since, his vocabulary has grown quite a bit… you can still hear the issues, but there’s progress.

Dickie had declared himself a “boob” man about a year ago…

If asked what he likes, a huge Kool-Aid smile would cover his face and he’d whisper “Me like Boobies!”

well, I guess times are a changing.

Dickie pulled Hubs aside the other day and confided in him…

 “Me no like boobies no more, dad”

“you know what me like?”

“me tell you”

Hubs, taking the bait, jumped right in and asked Dickie what he likes now…. to which Dickie replied….

“Me like head”

Both mine and Hub’s eyes darted in a panic towards Dickie

and there was our our baby, with his big Kool-Aid smile… pointing up at his head.




  • oldancestor

    so far, Dickie and I are two for two on agreeing about things.

  • The Good Greatsby

    Sounds like Dickie will have no problems making friends in the locker room.

  • Great little Fortune

    haha brilliant, he’s gonna break a few hearts