Annoying People at the Gym…

The gym is full of annoying ass people.  Instead of just letting is roll off my shoulders, as any decent human being would do… I decided to record my woes.  This is a video that for whatever reason, did not want to be recorded. 2 days, 2 completely separate videos and a LOT of F-bombs later.. a video was born.  At some point the vlogger has to admit defeat and produce a video containing more bloopers than subject matter.  This was one of those times… Welcome to the inside of my brain.  NOW… with at least 3 impromptu dance numbers…

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  • The Hook

    It was well worth the effort.
    Great job!

  • whatimeant2say

    exactly why I work out at home :)
    whatimeant2say recently posted..Is This Some Kind of Count-down Clock and I’m Already Dead?My Profile

  • another jennifer

    I like the dancing and the dog in the background.
    another jennifer recently posted..If my sons vloggedMy Profile

  • kc @ genxfinance

    haha you’re so cute. anyway, i don’t much workout. I run but what i find funny in a gym are those who work their biceps/triceps, flex in front of the mirror, aaannnd don’t do their leg day.. :D
    kc @ genxfinance recently posted..Saving Money on Valentine’s DayMy Profile